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RCS Catering Software New CRM

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catering software

How Google's Products Evolved in 2013
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Question by Sprout28: Help creating a website for catering business?
I want to create a website to help boost my catering business. I am not too familiar with web design. Any suggestions on easy to use sites or ones may have to pay a nominal fee for? Thanks in advance.

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Answer by missy882
Yahoo has free sites, but as a web development company I can’t say in all good conscious to use that type of site. There have DNN platforms out there WordPress, or Joomala ect. That to me is a step up, but again if you take your business seriously. I don’t care WHO you use, but hire someone to make your site for two reasons. You will get what you want (if you chose who does it carefully…seriously shop around and check portfolios, and the other more important reason is that it will NOT look like a freaking template :) (it’s a pet peeve of mine).
Either way I hope all goes well and again I would consider it a wise investment if you already have an established company. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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  • dawniedawn00 3 months ago

    A great site that’s easy to use and free is They have a premium subscription as well, but the free subscription has worked just fine for me. I created my site using and I think it looks pretty good – is a flash based program as opposed to HTML, which makes your site more attractive and interactive to viewers. Also, if you have a url that you would like to use, you can connect it to your site.

  • Mayan master 3 months ago

    There are lots of free tools you can try: Website tonight is a tool created by Godaddy that is the simplest of all website builders, however, it has limited functionality. It has a set of templates and layouts that you select and you’re done. Just edit the text and images. If you want more customization, you can try viviti. It is still simple, but has more functionality and the optional ability to also edit html code if you choose. You can choose a general placement for your images, and links, and add some flash animations. If you want further customization, you can try bravenet.With it, you can begin from a template, or start with absolutely nothing, and build it from scratch. It allows you to create tables so that you can choose the exact placement of your objects. It offers a visual editor, and code editor. Or, if you choose, you can choose their website builder for very basic options. Another option you could try if you want to have a large number of images and videos on your website is fortunecity. It offers a large amount of disk space and bandwidth for a very affordable price, but offers limited functionality.

  • Brian B. 3 months ago

    Here’s my recommendation. If you’re looking for something free and easy to work with as a beginner go with WordPress. It’s really easy to use and there’s thousands of free templates you can use. If you would like a software that is great for beginners, try XSite Pro. It cost around $ 200. If a few hundred dollars isn’t a lot of money to you, I would recommend going somewhere like rentacoder or freelancer to find someone that can build the site for you. This would be the easiest way with less headaches. Just find a couple of sites that you would like your site to like and just post a project to one of these sites. This way you can let people from all around the world bid on your site project. You can get really good freelancers very cheaply to create you a really nice site. This would allow you to get your site without having to learn all the coding that’s involved. Sometimes it just easier to leave web design to people that do it everyday.

  • Grant 3 months ago

    Hi, I am a web designer, please check out my site and feel free to contact me.

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